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5 horror movies for people who hate scary sh*t

A list of scary movies will keep you on your toes without giving you a heart attack, make you laugh until you cackle, and keep you engrossed with unique dialogue and plot twists. These films won’t torment the most skittish of viewers (for the most part) and will keep any horror-movie aficionados entertained. There’s more to these flicks than blood and guts and ghouls (oh my!)

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What was the best book you read in 2018?

What was your favorite book of 2018? My top book pick broke my heart, mended it, broke it again, and left me emotional in the best way possible (believe it or not). It was the exact opposite of my favorite novel of 2017, which blew my mind and had me reeling. Now I want to know what you read last year and what you LOVED about it! Let me know.

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Top 5 Horror Books to keep You in the Halloween Mood

It is no secret that I love horror and I love books—particularly audiobooks. Since the Halloween season is almost over I decided to share some books to help you keep things “spooky” these last few days of October. Here are my top five favorite horror novels that are sure to give you the creeps.

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don’t miss the midterms: voting registration deadlines & requirements by state

I have compiled a list of deadlines and requirements for voting in each U.S. state. There are even instagram stories with deadlines in this post that you are free to use on your own social media. Remind your followers to register!

If you have the right vote, now is the time to exercise it.

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