Why Do I Have to Keep Reminding You Not to Use the N-Word?

African Americans have reclaimed the n-word. We took a slur that systematically oppressed our people and turned the phrase in to something that expresses our resilience, solidarity, and endearment towards one another. For many of us, the word holds a sense of empowerment.

Yet even today I hear non-black people throwing around the word as easily as "like" or "and," completely dismissing its significance in the black community. So I'm finally addressing it: you can't say the word and here is why.

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Sunday Finds #007

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here are some links help you to have an equally lovely start to the new week. As per usual, I've some links from around the internet to great podcast episodes, articles, art, and more. This week, I have sprinkled in a few Valentine's/Galentine's day gift ideas for your loved ones, as well. Cheers!

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Song of the Sea

I forget about the strength, joy, challenges, and power of parenthood all the time. What kind of feminist am I if I ignore a crucial side of reproductive justice–the right to have and raise children!

I was stupefied by my ignorance. Of course I wanted to share a piece from a mother and/or about motherhood! One woman came to mind: Annabelle Fern. Fern a talented writer, who documents her life and motherhood on her blog, has allowed me to share one of her writings, "Song of the Sea," with you all. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do.

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