Hello, world

Photo credit: Graham Moore

Photo credit: Graham Moore

Hello there! I’m going to keep this short and sweet, as the initial post on a blog is always a bit daunting and painful to write out. I feel I spend too much time analyzing and revising rather then just starting. So here we go.

My name is Grace. I have a day job as a graphic designer/web designer and a part-time job as a painter. Note, when I say "part-time job as a painter" I really mean I love art, was trained in it, make it, but hardly sell anything. I spend more on art supplies then I earn from the finished piece. But that’s okay as I’m just beginning my “art career.” The hope is this blog will document some of the achievements and pitfalls of said career, along with graphic design and a few lifestyle posts sprinkled in. 

This is not my first blog. I ran an art blog early on in college, which I loved to do but had no time for (want a laugh? check it out here and take in my awful graphic design skills back in the day) . Now, I am a fresh college graduate with a tad bit more time on my hands, much improved design skills, and degrees in Journalism and Fine Art. I’m hoping all those facts mean I now have an enhanced ability to start blogging again; because that’s exactly what college degrees are for, isn’t it? 

- G R A C E