Makeup that Upped My Game

Hey ya’ll. If you have been following me for a bit you may recognize this post. I initially published it at the beginning of the year. However, with the updates to the site I decided it was time to revise and revamp this article (among others). You can check out the old post here, but I swear, this version is far more in depth and specific ;)


Glossier Haloscope

Glossier's mission is unique: emphasizing skincare before makeup. They have a tremendous skincare line and equally brilliant makeup products. The company believes in highlighting one’s natural beauty rather than hiding it, which makes their products simple to use and effective.

Haloscope may be the easiest makeup product I have ever applied. You literally need no makeup skills to put this sucker on. In the morning I just run the product on my cheekbones, brow bone, Cupid's bow, and, if I'm feeling the all-over-shimmer look, down the center of my nose. I gently pat it in with a fingertip and then I have a dewy highlight that lasts all day long--and that is not an exaggeration. If I throw Haloscope on at 6 in the morning it is still glistening by 10 at night.

$22 per stick (want 20% off your first purchase? I gotchu)


Mac Eye Brows

I have struggled with drugstore brow liner for years now. Most dark brown pencils have a warm tint or are such a deep shade they apply like black eyeliner. After years of wasting hundreds of dollars on drugstore brand pencils and rocking cinnamon-orange or over drawn cartoon brows, I finally got my butt down to MAC. The MAC artist matched my hair color perfectly—shade in “Stud”—and I am never going back. 

The pencil is soft yet sturdy enough to not snap off with a hint of pressure like mechanical pencil lead. On top of that, the point is so precise—and stays precise through use though I’ve no idea how—that I can even draw individual hairs with it. Though the pencil is a bit pricey–around $17–I find it to be worth the investment.

$17 per liner


Glossier Boy Brow

For days when I’m feeling lazy—aka most days—I use Boy Brow. It applies like a mascara for your eyebrows: take the spoolie out of the container, brush the spoolie/pigment over your hairs, return spoolie to container. Done. it is that easy.

What I love most about Boy Brow is that it makes my unkempt brows look classy. My scattered, extra-long-whisps of hair appear expertly placed. The I-don’t-even-remember-the-last-time-I-plucked-these-brows hair growth seems purposeful and chich. I could go on and on about Boy Brow, but what it boils down to is that this is now a staple in my makeup arsenal. 

$16 per tube (want 20% off your first purchase? I gotchu)

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick

Can I just say WOAH? I am a big fan of drug store lipstick, Maybelline being my favorite, but the matte colors always dry out my lips and the pigment fades quickly. When I tried Huda Beauty I was shocked by how vibrant the colors are, how smoothly the lipstick applies, and the distance a small dab of pigment can go! On top of that, my lips don't feel like the Sahara when I take off my lipstick at night. Though the formula is still a bit drying (what matte isn't?) I am not slathering my lips in Vasoline or Chapstick as an eleventh hour lip repair. Also, once dry these colors barely leave a trace on glasses, lips, cheeks–whatever you are kissing. 

$20 per tube


Stay tuned for my beauty/skincare game changers in the near future. Have you tried any of these products yourself? Or do you have any products/brands of your own that changed around your routines? Let me know In the comments below. 

*NOTE: Despite the provided promo code, Glossier did not sponsor this post (though I wish they had *cough cough hint hint*). Anyone can get a code to share with others from the site ;)