Summer Reading List: Design


These recommendations are for all you creators out there. Whether you work in architecture, fine art, illustration, product design, or graphic design, these books apply to every creative outlet.

However, before you continue, I must admit something: I have not finished either of these books. With design books, I have a bad habit of skipping around to various chapters and seeking solutions to my immediate problems. That being said, I still feel comfortable enough with these two works to recommend them to you:


You will find The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman on most designer’s reading lists. Its as written in 1988 by Donald Norman, a usability engineer, and cognitive scientist. Do not allow the publishing date to dissuade you—this book is as relevant today as it was in the ‘80s. Norman focuses on optimizing communication between an object and end user…which literally applies to every single art form out there. A must read.

Color: A Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Flnlay is a truly fascinating read on the history of hues. For instance, the battles fought over access to color and the peculiar ingredients, such as insect blood or extraction from mummified human remains, that were once used to create certain hues. This book is more of a fun delve into art history and less about tips and tricks to improve your creativity. Nonetheless, a wonderful read to keep you entertained and engaged in art history.

- G R A C E