Sunday Finds #005


Another installment of Sunday Finds: a dose of articles, podcasts, and art to start off your week.

+ This article from Darling Magazine about taking a sabbatical from your full-time job, even if it's for just a few weeks

+ Another pair of heels with winter-worthy tread, this time Dr. Marten's Magdalena Bootie

+ More Perfect's podcast episode, "Citizens United," which touches on how money in politics links to the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court case

+ These insane noise-canceling headphones from Sony with "extra bass" that my partner is newly obsessed with

+ "The Cost of Devaluing Women," article by Sallie Krawcheck, published by The New York Times (the 1980s workplace misogyny described at the start of the article is appalling and all-too common, a must read)

+ This killer mural by one of my favorite illustrators, Andrea Wan