Three women, three Generations, one question

Photo by  Autumn Goodman  on  Unsplash

I have been meaning to start this post series for quite a while now, and what better time to begin than the second month of the The Keen Kind's “empowerment” theme?

Three generations is a simple concept: I ask three individuals from different generations to offer advice or statements based off one question. Each statement must be short–at most a paragraph.

This month I asked one girl and two women:

 “What empowers you?”

Runa, Age 5

An excerpt from a mother-daughter conversation on "empowerment" (where "strength" and "confidence" are used as simpler substitutes for the word "empower").

Mother: What makes Mommy strong?
Runa: You can sweep and you can mop.
M: But do you think Mommy is strong?
R: You can wash all of the dishes, you can make food, anddddd you can also—
M: But do you think Mommy is strong?
R: Mhm.
M: Yes? Why?
R: Because you…uhm…can do all of the stuff I just said.
M: You think Mommy is strong because of that? No other reasons?
R: …You can get stuff from the fridge—the fridge-er-ator.......Or the closet!


Megan, 25

I feel empowered by leaders in the past and present- who have fought for and continue to fight for those in need. If other people make a difference in people’s lives and make this world a better place, I feel empowered to do the same.


Jeannie, 54

What immediately comes to mind is a picture I have of four generations of women in my family - my grandmother, my mother, my daughter and me. And in each of their eyes, I see something that empowers me. 

In my grandmother's eyes, I see the unwavering determination of pursuing an education in the 1930's when it was rarely even considered, let alone accomplished by women of color.  In my mother's eyes, I see perseverance through the sudden, devastating loss of my father and the unabating strength to forage on to love and care for five young children between the ages of 2-8 to their adulthood. In my daughter's eyes, I see the exuberance of life, the love of knowledge and the hope of what's to come. Four generations of women with degrees and advanced degrees in higher education. It is through their eyes that I find the confidence to pursue my dreams and live an abundant life. And for that, I am forever empowered and eternally grateful.

A picture of Jeannie, her daughter, mother, and grandmother.

A picture of Jeannie, her daughter, mother, and grandmother.

What about you? What empowers you?