Weekly Round-Up

Hey ya'll! I figured it would be nice to end the week with a quick round-up of links from the blog and around the web. Read on for art, design, music, and more.

On the blog:

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In art/design:

"Castro’s Revolution, Illustrated” by Shreeya Sinha of The New York Times

The NY Times uses socialist posters commissioned by the Cuban government to delve in to significant moments throughout Castro’s prime-ministry.

It is fascinating to see the change in styles, depiction, and rhetoric throughout the years. 

In music:

Nigga Needs” by Boogie

I have been watchings this music video and playing this track non-stop for weeks now. Every chance I get I share it with someone. So here I am, sharing it with you.

In podcasts:

"The People Next Door" from Strangers

This episode features three stories on Mexican migration. From Mexican-Americans who are border patrol agents to U.S. citizens watching illegal immigration from their front yard to the staggering number of unidentified bodies of those who have tried to cross the border (especially heartbreaking). 

In articles:

"What the hijab means to me" from Al Jazeera

A great article from Al Jazeera in which muslim women from around the world reflect on the hijab. It is interesting to see how some of these women's intersectional identities play in to how they feel towards the garment.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

- G R A C E