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Image / Chris Pors 

Image / Chris Pors 


IN    A R T / D E S I G N

I absolutely love this. Chris Porsz took photographs of people 30 years ago, and has spent the last 7 years tracking them down and recreating the pictures. You can read briefs on the people’s lives on Metro.

IN    M U S I C

“All the Pretty Girls” by Kaleo

I love this song. It is one of those tunes that I revert back to every few weeks—I will never get sick of it. Kaleo, can you just come to Denver so that I can finally see you live? Please, thanks.


IN    A R T I C L E S

"Justin Bieber Would Like to Reintroduce Himself" by Caity Weaver of GQ

Okay, this is an old article but I always come back to it because it is the funniest feature story I have ever read. Caity Weaver is a talented writer. She expertly weaves Justin Bieber's life–as ridiculous or relatable as it is– in to an engaging, long form article dripping with wit. I never cared about the Beibs until I read this, and now I do not understand him in the least but find him absolutely fascinating and, lets be honest, a little comical. I pulled one of my favorite lines from the article for you (but it's much better when it's in context, I swear. Go read!)

It’s unsettling to share a personal story, or ask a long-winded question, and be met with Justin Bieber’s silent, cool-eyed stare the entire time you’re talking. Justin Bieber makes eye contact like a person who has been told that eye contact is very, very important.
— Caity Weaver

IN    P O D C A S T S

“Redwoods of the In-World” from Here Be Monsters

This episode is about multiple people who take turns “fronting” a body. The members all have unique personalities, gender identities, and interests and all reside in a single body. They describe themselves as part of the same system, calling their living situation “plural” or “multiple.” Psychiatrists may deem these identities as part of Dissociative Identity Disorder, though members dislike this diagnosis as it paints their multiplicity as a burden or defect.

This was one of the most interesting podcast episodes I have ever listened to. I am ignorant of multiplicity—hell, I never knew “multiplicity” was a term, I thought the label, albeit offensive to some, was  always “identity disorder"—so it was eye opening to hear about plural living from the perspectives of the system members. LOVE this one. Give it a listen.


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