8 Reasons to Adopt a Dog Right Now (you know you want to)

Today I have a guest post for you all from Grace Reader, an amazing journalist, sports anchor, and my co-worker! She loves dogs, and I mean really loves dogs. Read below to learn why she wants you to get a pup ASAP.

Millennials are doing it right. We’re delaying adulthood milestones like buying a house or having human children because we have our priorities straight -- we have fur babies (dogs in particular).

In fact, 75 percent of people in their thirties have dogs, and as a result, the pet industry has skyrocketed monetarily (you can’t have a dog without cute little dog rain jackets and a Christmas sweater, duh).  

Sure, we are half as likely as we were 50 years ago to get married, according to Pew Research Center, and sure, we are having children later than ever recorded -- but we have dogs.

This could potentially create problems at the dinner table, for instance, when your mom asks, “Why do you have six dogs and no boyfriend?” But do not fear -- respond with one of these reasons that dogs are better than adulthood:


1 / Stressed out? Not anymore. Dogs have been scientifically proven to help your mood. In fact, they can help with depression, anxiety and decrease the likelihood of suicide. What’s better than coming home to a fuzzy ball of love and happiness? Nothing, that’s what.

02 / Dogs make you overall healthier. Dog owners have been known to have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, fewer heart attacks, etc. Will babies make you live longer, mom? No. No, they will not. 

03 / Why are dog owners healthier? Could be because they exercise more. Chances are, your dog will need physical stimulation, which allows you the opportunity to get outside. Say goodbye to the days where you didn’t have a reason to go on a walk. Plus, when you really want to go on that hike because it’s beautiful out but all of your friends are busy, you can take your dog. Problem solved.

Dog owners have been known to have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, fewer heart attacks, etc.
Image / Unsplash

Image / Unsplash


04 / Dogs are known to make their owners more social. Pups are great icebreakers into conversations -- and if a human can’t hold a conversation strictly about dogs, you don’t want them in your life. Meet people at the dog park, on walks, in the pet store because these are the people you want to be friends with (and you might even find a significant other so mom can stop asking).  

05 / Dogs force you to maintain a schedule -- which is good for eating habits, work habits and social habits. Adding a routine to your life allows you to be more organized and a better planner. That’s the kind of thing you can put on a resume.

06 / They keep us from being lonely. Having a dog is like having a permanent friend, a sleepover pal every night, a family member. So when your great aunt asks, “aren’t you lonely without a significant other?” You can say, no. I have my dog(s).

Image / Unsplash

Image / Unsplash

07 / They are good for children. So you may not want children now (or ever), but if you do have children your dog can be a vital asset to them. Children who have pets within their first year of life are at a lower risk for allergies and asthma, it also has been shown to strengthen their immune system. So really, mom, I’m just preparing for children by purchasing a pup.

08 / We can learn so much from dogs. SO much. Dogs can teach us unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, happiness, bravery, tolerance, patience, the list goes on. Can a boyfriend teach you those things? Maybe. But it’s not as good.


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