Podcasts about real people/places/things


Alright ya'll here it is, my second installment of my favorite podcasts. This week, instead of fiction I am focusing on podcasts that produce phenomenal true stories. I tried to limit my list to five...but I couldn't. This is easily my favorite audio genre. That being said, here are my top nine in order of favorites:


Love and Radio

This is Actually Happening

Here Be Monsters


Everything Is Stories

This American Life

Home of the Brave

Mystery Show (unfortunately this show has been discontinued, but it's still worth a listen as it is amazing and Starlee Kine is so enjoyable)

The Moth


Have anything to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

- G R A C E

(Also, can you all believe that the top photo was taken with an iPhone 7? I finally splurged on a new phone and I cannot believe how good the camera is. Woah. Way to up your game Apple.)