Bujo Monthly Spread: February


You asked for it so here it is: a bujo plan with me! The following is my planner set-up for the month of February. Below I break down my monthly reflection pages, calendar, and share a time lapse video of the entire process. Check it out.


Reflection Pages

I begin each month with a "review" and “goals” page. The “review” page is simply a reflection of the month previous. I create five sections: What Worked, What Did Not, Improvements to be Made, Grateful For & Challenges, and Memorable Moments.

On the corresponding page I create a list of goals for the month. I break goals in to four categories: Home, Blog, [Art] Studio, and General. Once I fill out this page, I give each item listed a deadline and add said due dates to my monthly calendar.

Normally, I fill out these two pages within the first week of the month (hence why their blank at the moment). 


Monthly Calendar

I used to create a classic grid calendar until I came across a bujo layout depicting the month as a kind of bar chart. Pulling from that design, I tweaked it a tad to fit my needs. I find this calendar layout to be a) more aesthetically pleasing and b) easier to understand at a glance as opposed to a classic calendar setup.

To create my horizontal bar calendar, I start by spacing out my dates. I write out each numerical day on a dot, fill in the days of the week beneath it, and then create a light plot template in pencil above each corresponding date (see video for a visual). The plot template is for each item I may schedule throughout the month.

Beneath my calendar I create a monthly tracker where I keep tabs on a slew of lifestyle habits: how many hours of sleep I get a night, workouts, days I forget to take my medication, when I work on the blog, and dates I create art. Each habit corresponds to something I wish to improve the frequency of. In the end, the tracker’s true purpose is to help me stay accountable.

Finally, I decorate. Often, I create simple floral or fruit-related doodles. This month, I went for some quick roses—which I actually found too busy. I want to start moving towards more minimalistic designs, starting with next month. Any suggestions?


time lapse

Here’s a video of my entire process. I go through these same steps every month.


Many bullet journalers plan out their entire month in advance, including monthly and weekly spreads. I prefer to create weekly spreads each Sunday and play with my layouts. You can do it any way you see fit.

My favorite thing about bullet journals is the ability to experiment. If one method does not work for you, you can simply switch things up the following week. There is so much wiggle room and space to be creative.

If you use any of these layouts or tips, or have your own method of bullet journaling, share in the comments below! I would love to see your method of planning. There is something so satisfying about seeing others meticulously planned life. Must be a kink for type A personalities or something haha.