Sunday Finds #006

Photo //  Kari Shea  on  Unsplash

Photo // Kari Shea on Unsplash


If you're like me, you're either not watching the Super Bowl or trying everything in your power to ignore the game unfolding before you. Lucky for you, I have some links to encourage your football aversion. Below is a healthy dose of distraction in the from of articles, podcasts, and art.

+ This gorgeous DIY patchwork rug from Paper & Stitch

28 Days, 28 Films for Black History Month from The New York Times. After going through this article I have added so many movies to my list. First up: Daughters of the Dust. Have you seen it?

+ After discovering Glossier’s Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, my partner and I cannot live without it. Best lotion I have ever used. You can get 10% off your purchase by using this link.

+ Kotryna Bass’ tips on how to use turn Pinterest in to your largest referral site

+ The Last Podcast on the Left’s Jonestown series. I am sure you’ve heard a bunch about Jonestown, but Last Podcast delves in to the Jonestown history like no one before. Trust me, a must listen if you’re interested in cults or Jim Jones.

+ I finally created a specific instagram for The Keen Kind! Follow the account for all things blog related including giveaways, freebies, etc. :)

To be keen.

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