My Favorite Women of Color Bloggers / Part 2

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I promised this post last week. Yet a trip to the computer doctor limited my posting capacity. So, finally, I give you the second installment of my Favorite Women of Color Bloggers. Did you miss the first post? Read it here.


Latonya Yvette

I have been following Latonya Yvette for a few years now. Her content is laced with honesty. Latonya shares the the ups and downs of being a mother, making time for her husband/friends, what it is like to raise multicultural children, and more. It is refreshing to hear about the goods and the bad of young motherhood, family, blogging, and the like. 

On top of that, Latonya is a stylist and has amazing style and fashion tips for eclectic looks. She mixes prints and color like no one’s business.

Best places to start:

Natural Hair if you’re interested in learning more about how women style their natural curls and kinks (from 2c to 4b and everything in between). 

How to Make Time For Your Partner if you’re interested in partner/family balance

A Living Room Tour and a Couch Tour if you love house tours and are in need of inspiration for decorating small spaces


A Curious Fancy

Ragini is an Indian based plus sized fashion blogger. Her hair, makeup, and vintage fashion is impeccable (also, can we just talk about how great this outfit is). In addition, she often talks about difficulties finding clothes in India, thoughts on being plus sized, her overseas relationship, and more.

Best places to start:

Curiosa Furiosa if you’re interested in fat acceptance, ignoring beauty standards, and the importance of representation.

The Year of the Selfie: 2014 if you want to see a plethora of gorgeous, vintage inspired outfits all in one place

Hello 2017 for tips on how to fend off media fat shaming and diet pushing that seems to be extra prevalent at the start of every new year.


Doris Dave

Another graphic designer’s blog! Doris posts less about graphic design and more about fashion, but her style is spot on. That and she rocks a red lip like no other. 

Best places to start:

Girly Granny if you’re trying to figure out how to rock the ruffle trend.

Studio Fun if you want to look at some gorgeous black and white photographs.