Summer Reading List: Poetry


Something about summer brings out our inner reader. It may be caused by the sun's dilatory demeanor. Between spring and summer the star's fervent journey between two horizons becomes a slow trek across the sky, leaving us in the daylight glow deep in to the evening.

Perhaps the brighter nights offer us the productive time we lacked in spring. Or maybe the warm days encourage us to act as the sun and spend our hour hours leisurely. Nonetheless, we seem to have spare minutes during the summer, and nothing utilizes time like a good book.

During the summer months I will be sharing a proposed summer reading list. Some of these books I have read, some are on my own to-read list. My hope is to get through as many books as I can in these next two months. What about you?

summer reading: poetry

Poetry alludes me. I cannot grasp the tempo nor the meaning of such lyrical language. Yet I still wish to experience poetry. For the last year or so I have tried to ease my way in to rhythmic writing. In doing so, I have found what I believe to be the two best books to start with:

If I was a poet connoisseur I'm sure I could tell you what specific structures, verses, and the like appeal to me in these books. Yet, I feel I have been clear that I am completely ignorant on the subject of poetry. Therefor, I will tell you what I like about these books: 

Milk and Honey has been all over social media within the last year. the poems are short and unique without being cryptic, there are no expansive words that feel more like intellectual fluff than content, I understand these poems, and most importantly, there are pictures.

Memories, like Milk and Honey, is written mostly in a colloquial fashion. It is well written without being convoluted and has a gorgeous design inside and out (aesthetics are important!). Plus it has some poems that span a whole page or two that I actually find interesting, so a win on that front!


Have you read Memories or Milk and Honey? If so, what did you think? I would love to hear someone else's opinion on the matter.

In addition, do you have any other poetry books I should read to ease myself in to the poetry world? Or any favorite poets? Tell me in the comments below!

- G R A C E