24 Before 25 (+1): the Six Month Check in

Image |  Daryl Love

Image | Daryl Love

When I turned 24 I was caught amidst a chaotic bout of air travel. A canceled flight, an additional overnight stay, and two extensive delays left me with hours of free time. Hundreds of minutes sprawled before me and, with nothing better to do, I drafted a list of everything I hoped to accomplish before the big two-five. Thus, the "24 Things to do Before 25" post was created.

It has been interesting to try to commit to a list of aspirations. I am not one for bucket lists–they were often overshadowed by in the moment worries like paying rent or finishing college. However, a struggle with mental health (more on that later) made me more appreciative of my personal time and goals.

The list is now a small reminder to have fun and take advantage of my twenties. Every few months I look back and realize time is slipping away and I have not checked off the majority of my goals. It holds me accountable, sparks me to take action.

Here is how far I have come in the last six months. You will notice some things have changed. For instance, I switched up a few goals and even added a new one, transforming this list from "24 Things to do Before 25" to become "25 Before 25."


1. Get a new job

Completed 3/1

I started a new design job March first. It came at the perfect time—the job offer came through on the exact day my term ended at my previous occupation. I could not be happier with the timing! Sometimes everything just falls into place.

2. Travel

Completed 12/16, 12/28 - 1/4

I have not traveled as much as I wish—especially outside of the country. But I did make it to a few places and therefor I am marking this one off. For my 24th birthday, I was in Wisconsin visiting family. For the New Year, I was spending a week in Baltimore with my dear friends whom I have not seen in over a year. So far no Peru plans with the cousin–granted, these were plans we made in a drunken evening–but fingers crossed the day of hiking to Machu Pichu comes soon.

3. Make a student loan payment

Monthly since x-mas

My first loan payment was due Christmas. I will not lie, I was not happy about it. But I made my first payment and have been paying on time every month since December…except last month. I will not lie, I thought I had fully enrolled in automatic payments and it turns out I did not. Rookie mistake, oops!

4. Submit to another art show

Completed 2/1, 3/2, 6/12

I had a few paintings in two shows this year and had a two-person show in February (albeit a coffee shop show, but nonetheless a show). At one of the galleries I hung in, I sold my first ever personal painting. It felt good, real good. On top of that, I have a solo show coming up in September. Finally some motivation to keep me painting ;)

Image |  Daryl Love

Image | Daryl Love

Image |  Daryl Love

Image | Daryl Love


5. Expand painting portfolio

I’ve made the work, I just haven’t photographed it yet!

6. Make working out a habit

3x a week since April (minus a week or two here & there...)

I know I am skinny, but I attribute that to being raised vegetarian and a protein deficiency (I kid about that last one…but also don’t). I am not, however, fit. I was once, back in high school. But years of being lazy as all hell have made me, well, lazy as all hell.

I have been making small efforts to work out here and there throughout the weeks. In April I learned I was consistently working out three times a week without even realizing it. Granted, these workouts are not hard—30 to 40 minutes of yoga mostly, a few runs, one or two at home cardio workouts. But who cares, at least I am moving my body!

7. Stop smoking

Yeah no. I still indulge in the occasional drunken cigarette and I’m-too-stressed-my-chest-feels-compressed-let-me-smoke-a-cigarette-to-feel-like-I-can-breathe-again-even-though-that’s-obviously-counterintuitive.

8. Yoga yoga yoga

3x a week since March

I was attending a 60 minute yoga class once a week for a few months. Unfortunately, the class has ended for the next two months so I need to find another yoga outlet. Lately, I have been resorting to Yoga with Adriene videos or Boho Beautiful workouts, but I'd like to join a class soon. Until then, I am relying on Youtube yoga. Do you have any other workout channel recommendations?

9. Be conscious of my diet


I have protein in most meals, stick mostly to whole grain/veggie based meals, try to snack on protein based foods throughout the day, and started taking vitamins daily a few months ago. As a child I used to hide my vitamins in my playsets—a horrible idea as I was growing up a vegetarian and needed those vitamins. I just hated the taste. As an adult, I still hate vitamins but I started getting those gummy chew ones and now I remember to take them everyday haha. That being said, I think this is the most diet conscious I will be this year, so I'm checking this one off.

10. Finally get a credit card

Yeah no.

11. Make another four Brines

This will never happen. I’ll be lucky if I even make one this year. My sketchbook has barely been touched this year (poor baby) and I pull most Brine pages from there...so yeah. Will not be a thing.

Image |  Daryl Love

Image | Daryl Love


12. Expand graphic design portfolio

Completed 4/1

At my current job, I am highly encouraged to add my “good” work to the company design gallery for clients and coworkers to peruse. Due to that, I have a secondary kind of gallery at work. I’m counting it ;)

13. Volunteer

I suck. I have not done this. My job offers so many volunteer opportunities and I keep telling myself, “I’ll sign up next month,” but I never do. Got 6 more months to finally dedicate my time to something important.

14. Go to the beach

I desperately want to get to the beach this year but this may become a 2018 kind of thing. My partner’s family has invited me to join them in Mexico next year, so I'm guaranteed a beach then.

15. Camping

Do I even know how to camp anymore? Can you forget how to camp or is it like riding a bike?

16. Mesa Verde or the Alligator Farm or the Sand Dunes

I expanded this one to include the three places in southern Colorado I’ve always wanted to revisit (or visit for the first time) but never do. Hopefully I can knock one of the these out along with camping—sandy camping trip, anyone?

17. Upgrade my iPhone

Completed 12/14

This one was already done by the time I drafted the post. May have cheated a bit and made this an early birthday present

18. Horror Movie Festival

I actually promised my partner tickets to the Mile Hight Horror Festival and still have full intentions to make a trip out of it. Planning a blood curdling date weekend. And yes, I realize that pun is not funny or even unique but I could not think of anything clever and I felt a pun was necessary. Sorry not sorry.

19. Live comedy or podcast show

I missed multiple live podcasts in Denver this year but hopefully before December I make it to at least one.

20. Go to a (music) show

Completed in May

I went to a show with my partner at a local venue. It was a band of one of his high school buddies. The music was...uhm...not my jam…but hell it was a show at least!

21. Go to a live show with my grandma

I have so many “show” related items on this list. And this one, alas, is another that has not been completed.

22. Budget budget budget

Eugh, I wish I could check this one off. A hefty computer repair bill, a couch investment, and a monstrous car repair fee have chewed up my savings. I am working hard to build it back up, but every month there seems to be something that eats away at anything I have saved. I guess that’s just being an adult, though.

23. Commit to new friends

I have made some new friends but I have bailed on them just as often as I did before. I am forever lame.

24. Improve social media

Getting there. Honestly I’ve worked harder on friend’s social media accounts than I have on my own…

25. Psychic reading

This one is a newbie. I do not necessarily believe in fortunes, but the idea of having my palm or cards read—or are those just cliches? do they even do that?—has always appealed to me. One of my oldest friends is moving out of the state this summer and it is my goal to get all our girlfriends together to have our fortunes told before she leaves. It seems like a nice way to "know" where we'll all end up.


    And that's what I have! There's still a longggggg way to go. But I've got a little under six months.

    Do you make bucket lists for each birthday? Or how about the new year? What do you put on it? And do you have any recommendations for me to add to my 25th birthday list? I realize I my 25th is quite a ways away...but I am always looking for new ideas. Share below!

    - G R A C E

    Image |  Daryl Love

    Image | Daryl Love