Free Story Templates for Instagram


Woah, these weeks has been busy! Anyone else feel like they're scrambling all. the. time? It seems like each free moment of my day is jammed with at least four things that need to be accomplished asap–I'm trapped in a cycle of being perpetually behind. 

Speaking of being behind on things, I meant to give you all digital freebies months ago. Instead of doing the classic digital wallpaper, I asked y'all on Instagram if you wanted some IG story templates as well. I received an overwhelming YES. So here they are, four IG templates just for you. Tag me at @thekeenkind when you fill out your stories so that I can see your answers!


These two are simple ways for you to shoutout your favorite instagram accounts and share more about you with your followers. :)

click an image to download the template file.


These two stories are more bullet journal/morning page inspired.

In the morning, you fill out what your current mood is, what you are thankful for, what your intentions for the day are (i.e., enjoy the little things, breath deep, take it easy, love unconditionally, respond first and react later, forgive, and the like), and a few small goals.

The second part, "Tonight," is when the real reflection happens. How do you feel now that your day is winding down? Did you accomplish your goal(s) or finish anything unexpected? What did you learn today?

click an image to download the template file.


Have any ideas for future freebies? Want a particular type of IG story template? Let me know what kind of freebies you want in the comments below!

- grace