On small pleasures

Photo by  Alex Loup  on  Unsplash  / modified

Photo by Alex Loup on Unsplash / modified


A warm shower after a long day, evenings bathed in moonlight, steam rising from hot tea, a light kiss on the forehead, the first warm day of spring, children’s giggles, cracking open a new journal, biting into a fresh strawberry, seeing the ghosts of your breath in the cold air, saying “I love you,” for the first time, sticky fingers, a cry so heavy it cleanses, fresh laundry, spontaneous walks, getting lost in a new book, napping in the sunlight.

Life is comprised of small, overlooked pleasures. We spend most hours of our day scurrying from one event to the next. Yet even when we are still, our minds race incessantly.

Thanks to the digital era–tiny computers in our pockets, access to a wealth of information on Internet, and more–our attention spans are...low to say the least. We struggle to stay on topic for more than a few seconds—literally.

According to a widely reported study, we have jumped from a ten-second attention span in 2000 to an eight-second span in 2015. It is argued that we loose interest faster than a goldfish. Makes sense, we’ve got a lot going on.

I wanted to spend this month bridging the millisecond long gap between our racing thoughts. For April, I am focusing on the little things we often miss.

I am sure you have stumbled on articles in the post that talk about "living in the moment." The idea of being present is as much of a trend as Instagram stories. There’s slow cooking and slow medicinemindfulness mediation, minimalism, and like. But I am not going to tell you why you should join a movement or how important it is to be in the present–by now I'm sure you know.

Rather than delivering you the same 'ole content everyone els is writing, I want to spend this month simply acknowledging our small moments. This month, you will see posts on tiny fractions of love, introducing greenery into one’s home, easy cooking recipes, the complexity of silence, and the like.

Stay tuned, I think you’re going to like what The Keen Kind has to offer this month.

- grace