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It’s Okay to Take a Breather: Caring for Yourself in Light of the Kavanaugh Hearings

With each bit of news I have consumed on Kavanaugh since the testimonies, I feed a heat that burns me internally rather than fuels my outspokenness and activism. I am causing damage to myself instead of standing for what I believe in.

So this is a reminder that it is okay to take a break from the news and the fight. You have to take care of yourself, too.

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Keen on Gratitude - A Mini Challenge

The #keenongratitude challenge is an exercise in which you document what you are grateful for everyday until the end of August. The rules are simple:

1) Write out three things you are thankful for (either on IG stories using the provided templates or a piece of paper)

2) Your list must include at least one privilege you rarely consider (i.e., access to fresh water, a living wage, etc.)

3) make a new list daily until the end of August

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24 Things to do Before 25

Last Friday, December 16th, I turned 24. I was lucky enough to spend my entire birthday weekend with my Wisconsin-based family members. I got to catch up with cousin-in-laws I haven't seen in at least ten years, dance in the kitchen with my niece nephew, pet dogs (there were five at the house at one point, it was bananas!), meet my cousin's fiance, reminisce about my brother. It was great

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5 Health Benefits of Journaling (+ Morning Pages)

My mornings are tight as it is, but I feel I can at least wake up 15 minutes early to scribble down some thoughts on the front and back side of a sheet of paper. Besides, there are so many health benefits to taking the time to write. Below I’ve outlined 5 reasons you should pick up journaling, too.*

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