Sunday Finds #004

Photo credit //  Farrah Emami

Photo credit // Farrah Emami


Another set of link round-ups for you all. This week's "finds" are a little heavier on the shopping side as Cyber Monday is hard to ignore. :)


+ Eco friendly, DIY holiday ornaments like this orange garland and rosemary wreath

+ This Wit + Delight article on how to show your partner gratitude (plus a handy "difficulty" guide for each suggestion)

+ Tips on how to declutter/minimize pre-holidays from A Considered Life

+  The jaw-dropping book The Power by Naomi Alderman

+ @lunafortun's insane makeup looks


Cyber Monday Deals

+ 20% & free shipping at Glossier (they rarely offer sales so this is a treat)

+ Impulse Fitbit buy? Because $50 off for Cyber Monday is so enticing

+ Obsessed with Old Navy's 40% off sale on all items including their already inexpensive athletic wear (seriously buying most of the list below)

+ Expensive winter/snow tread booties and shoes finally on sale (styles also below)


What about you? Are you doing any Cyber Monday shopping? Have you been pining over certain items, waiting for them to go on sale? Let me know in the comments below!