3 essential lipsticks for fall/winter


The seasons are changing and with that, so are makeup trends.

You are probably familiar with beauty posts titled “The ‘in’ colors for fall!” or “Don’t be caught dead wearing this color in summer." I have always assumed advertising different makeup colors for varying seasons was a clever marketing scheme to convince consumers to purchase “new” colors to stay trendy. Though I imagine there is some truth to my marketing assumption, I recently learned the trend to change colors seasonally could also be part of our human nature.  

According to a study performed at the University of York, we process color differently during summer and winter seasons. Of the study, PhD student Lauren Welbourne explained, “In York, you typically have grey, dull winters and then in summer you have greenery everywhere. Our vision compensates for those changes and that, surprisingly, changes what we think ‘yellow’  looks like. It’s a bit like changing the colour balance on your TV.”

As yellow can look different to us between summer and winter, other colors could as well. It may be perfectly human to find certain colors more appealing in summer than you do in winter. 

Whether seasonal colors are a commercial plot or a human condition (or both), every few months I nonetheless set my suspicions aside and opt for "on-season" makeup colors. As a lipstick lover--I wear lipstick every single day--this product is the most likely to change in my beauty regimen with the coming of cold or warm weather.

I like to wear a dark lip almost every season of the year, but I usually do not wear my darkest colors until snow the ground is white with snow. In the fall, I like to flaunt pigments with hints of brown and orange.

The weeks of transition between fall and winter may be my favorite. Darks, bright, and muted-yet-warm colors all speak to me. Therefor, I figured I would share my top three favorite lipsticks for the fall/winter transition.



Huda Beauty liquid matte in Trendsetter

A coworker called this lipstick a shade of “terracotta” and I find that to be an apt description. Trensetter has hints of brown and orange, which make it perfect for fall, yet the color is muted enough to match the dulled tones of winter. On top of that, Huda Beauty's liquid lipstick is shocking hydrating--especially for a matte color. Unlike other lipstick brands, my lips are not caked and crumbling by the end of the day. This product is ideal for the dryness of winter.



NARS powermatte in Starwoman

You can never go wrong with a bold, red lip. Some may disagree, for instance, this StyleCaster article. But I'm sure they are wrong wrong as red looks good all the damn time. That being said, I am obsessed with this NARS Powermatte lipstick in Starwoman. 

I was gifted a sample bottle of this product and it has swiftly become one of my favorites. Never have I encountered lipstick with such longevity. A full day of eating, drinking, and talking and NARS Powermatte is still going strong.


Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Vixen

It is no secret I am obsessed with Huda Beauty Liquid Matte. It is my favorite lipstick brand by far (no this post was not sponsored, I’m just a big fan).

Huda's Vixen also makes it to the top of the list as it is smooth, moisturizing, and a great color for winter. The pigment is nice and dark like the colder months of the year, yet offers a bit of color to keep things lively. I like to pair this color with a black cat eye or dark glasses to balance it all out. The color is quite bold and it can feel drastic when worn with an otherwise all-natural makeup look. 


What about you? What are your top three favorite lip colors for fall/winter?

- Grace

( Also can we just give a shoutout to my sweet, wonderful partner who took all these pics? He's a keeper.)







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