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Keen on Gifting: your 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner so it’s time to consider gifts. Here’s a handy holiday gift guide for everyone in your life, from grandparents to partners to kiddos to psuedo-family members who aren’t technically blood…but are close enough. Skip the drab and gag gifts by giving something that matters and is sure please any recipient; we’ve got the gift guides to make it happen.

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Treat Yo’ Self - Black Friday weekend edition

No matter how fun Thanksgiving may be, being surrounded by your loud family for 12+ hours is always chaotic and draining. Enter, retail therapy. I am not ashamed to admit that Black Friday/Cyber Monday is my "Treat Yo' Self" weekend and it should be yours, too! Here’s a list of killer sales and perfect treats for you and you alone ;)

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