Keen on Gifting: your 2018 Holiday Gift Guide


I have a secret to share: I have a weak spot for holiday buying guides.

I am not sure what the exact appeal is...but I get a strange satisfaction from seeing holiday moodboards, random stranger's wishlists, and compilations of products I cannot afford and would never buy (Goop is really good at pumping out rich-people-buy-guides, this one may be my favorite because, for real, who's going to spend $65 on a fucking straw?).

I have a second secret to share: I make holiday buying guides all the time. I have for years. However, mine are rarely seen by others–until this year.

I am going to take my secret shame/love of buying guides and share it with you all by creating my own Holiday Gift Guide for the giving season. If there's one thing being a millennial has taught me, it's that the Internet is for oversharing, especially when it comes to your weirdly specific quirks that are more cute than gross. So my more-cute-than-gross quirk is making shopping lists, now lets get to the sharing part.

I will be posting one or two guides a week until mid-December. Hopefully you will glean some gift ideas for your friends, family, and the like. Or perhaps you'll just get a sick kick out of scoping my lists? I won't judge. Whatever your motives, stay tuned.

This post will be updated regularly with links to the latest in the gift guide series. Check back later to see if anything new has cropped up!

A giftguide for…

+ grandparents
+ new parents
+ part one and part two - your geeky significant other