Treat Yo’ Self - Black Friday weekend edition


After a raucous Thanksgiving with friends, family, and too much food, the last thing I want to do is spend my weekend in a packed store, hunting for Black Friday deals amongst a crowd of discount-hungry strangers. There's something about a sale that makes people rabid (myself included).

Instead of popping into a brick and mortar after Thanksgiving, I like to skim the sales digitally. I mean, what's better than buying half off dresses from your couch, clad in sweats, with a half eaten tin of pie by your side, right? Little comes close.

I am not ashamed to say that Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend has transformed into my "Treat Yo' Self" weekend. No matter how fun Thanksgiving may be, being surrounded by your loud family for a 12+ hour feast is absolutely chaotic and draining; enter, retail therapy.

Here are a few big sales (*cough cough* Glossier's only sale of the year *cough cough*) and lists for the perfect “Treat Yo’ Self” shopping splurge. These are gifts and treats I have my eye on this weekend that you may enjoy as well.

(Okay, and yes, I feel a little guilty sharing gifts for you alone [or “me” alone] so I did include a section of nice Black Friday gifts you can buy for others. Enjoy!)

the Treat Yo’ Self edit




Plus some other clothing shops with great additional deals this weekend:

+ Urban Outfitters - BOGO 50% off. Valid 11/23.

+ Wayfair - Receive up to 80% off on select styles site wide. Valid through 11/30.

+ Macy’s - 20% Off Black Friday Sale with code BLKFRI. Valid 11/21-11/24

+ Express - 50% off everything. Valid 11/25-11/26.

+ Asos - 25% off everything with code EPIC25. Ends 11/27

+ Nordstrom - Receive up to 60% off. Valid 11/22-11/26.

+ Madewell - 25% Off Purchase with code DEALWITHIT. Valid through 11/25.

The gift Edit (Because Sharing is Caring)

(Pro tip: if you buy a box set, take all the items out and individually wrap them. It looks like you went real hard, even if though you’re actually broke af and all the gifts are travel sized. Just a little trick I learned in my broke college days [and post broke-college days…aka now])

What about you all? What have you bought/what are you keeping your eye on this weekend? Any good sales I should know about? Let me know in the comments below!