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Keen on Gratitude - A Mini Challenge

The #keenongratitude challenge is an exercise in which you document what you are grateful for everyday until the end of August. The rules are simple:

1) Write out three things you are thankful for (either on IG stories using the provided templates or a piece of paper)

2) Your list must include at least one privilege you rarely consider (i.e., access to fresh water, a living wage, etc.)

3) make a new list daily until the end of August

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What is empowerment?

“Empowerment” is a strong word with a heavy burden. It carries years of history in its syllables, from feminism to theology to the Black Power movement to Gandhism. How am I supposed to wrangle a large concept and form it in to a simple explanation of 1000 words or less? I can't. Instead, I am going to give you the best possible introduction I can muster—a heartfelt definition.

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