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A Fresh Start

It is time to build the tools, fortify the armor, and craft the methods you need to attack your goals head on. The Keen Kind is focusing on work-life balance, introspection, passions turning into careers, happiness over monotony, success stories from others, and more. Together let’s wrestle down our responsibilities, needs, and wants, and rearrange them to get the most out of our days.

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Keen on Gratitude - A Mini Challenge

The #keenongratitude challenge is an exercise in which you document what you are grateful for everyday until the end of August. The rules are simple:

1) Write out three things you are thankful for (either on IG stories using the provided templates or a piece of paper)

2) Your list must include at least one privilege you rarely consider (i.e., access to fresh water, a living wage, etc.)

3) make a new list daily until the end of August

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5 Easy Ways to Ease Your Eco-Guilt

It’s hard to stay environmentally friendly, especially when you’re busy running errands, maintaining a household, working your tail off, and the like. Here are 5 easy steps you can take right now to become more friendly. Invest in these affordable green products, switch out a few household goods, and reduce your plastic waste by integrating these habits into your life—so simple it’s seamless.

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